This March 2012 in recognition of Brain Injury Month, the North Valley Support
Groups of Lincoln County is working to spread the word and raise awareness
about brain injury prevention, recognition and response to help address this
important public health problem. Montana still has the second highest incidents
of brain injury!

 A brain injury can be caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body that
causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. This sudden
movement can literally cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull
damaging brain cells and creating chemical changes and or disrupt the function
of the consciousness. The enigma of consciousness as you know yourself can
be disrupted, effecting the understanding of your own emotions and behaviors
depending on the severity and location of the injury. Brain injury can alter how
you view yourself. The way a person perceives of themselves is who we are,
the personal identity, concepts and beliefs, the consciousness. Also it may be
difficult for family, friends and even Dr.’s to understand and cope with this new
altered state of consciousness-the personality.

 Is there a scientific way to identify the biological processes that constitute
consciousness, the self-awareness (beliefs), unity of experience and the
awareness of “self-awareness”? At it’s core, consciousness is self referential,
the self’s sense of it’s own existence. It is consciousness itself that is trying to
explain consciousness. Just like a map of Montana conveys nothing of the
grass, dirt and ground, consciousness operates on a level of symbols, that
doesn’t look much like the workings of nerve cells, microscopic Electra
chemical, neurological systems of the brain.

 Although these understandings of how the brain processes information, the
neural activities, distinctions between attention and subjective impressions has
created great advances in the technology of therapies for brain injury. Even
with all this progress, the consciousness situation remains popular on the lists
of problems. Like the map of Montana remains the same over many many
years- it doesn’t change with each new pot-hole in a road or street in Libby,
Montana remains Montana. If consciousness were merely a map, a convenient
shortcut symbol for a complex mass of neurological signaling, perhaps a
disruption effecting self-awareness could easily be restored. However at the
cellular level the mysteries of the brain still has unanswerable questions and
unsolved puzzles for scientists. Consciousness is a truth of a sort that can’t be
comprehended within a system of molecules, cells and neurons alone. Try
thinking of it this way; It is a lot easier to make a million copies of a map of
Montana than it is to make a million healthy Montanians. So, North Valley
Support Groups ask you to be-aware and help prevent brain injury. Know that
brain injury can change consciousness and or your life forever and remember
how difficult it can be to recognize and comprehend, the inherent complexities
after a brain injury. Because, brain injury does not discriminate it could happen
to anyone, any time at any age.

copyright by Laura Wilde


The Mysteries of the Brain

by Laura Wilde

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