How many head injuries have you had?

  ◊ I have had many small head hitting experiences, but one real good one, skiing is much safer than snowboarding when you are on ice, generally you fall to the side on skis, snowboard it’s face or back, (back of the head for me).  Skiing is more ergonomically correct also.  Just because you have had even a major brain injury does not mean you are brain dead or stupid or something.  Some people are brain dead without any injury.  ◊





On brains are soft:


     Brains are softer than jello, you don’t even need to get hit in the head to get a brain injury, a good jarring shock from a fall can hurt the brain, if you are doing an activity that requires a helmet, maybe you should do something else because a helmet will not provide much protection, if you get a brain injury you can get another easier I think,

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