Ice-Winter Awareness

Fri, Jan 3, 2014

Response to a friends letter by L’aura

On the radio today accidents all over and in Canada across the border too.Hwy 93 is closed. I use these gator clip on that fit over my boot or shoes to walk outside. You can get them at a hardware or sporting goods store. It is so icy here also. This is in my prediction what most of this winter will be like.
Rain on snow is ice and can be deceiving looking on roads.This is the type of conditions where persons sustain brain injuries from falls on ice or ice from roofs coming off. Or just slipping,jarring the neck or head back and forth can cause the brain to hit against the skull causing brain bruising. Please my friend be careful! Sorry this happened today! as always L’aura

Subject: pure sheet of ice
From friend:

I know ice, and I know driving on ice and black ice, but driving today was the scariest experience I have ever had. Driving home today was horrendous. As I neared my road I slowed from 40 to 20 just to make a left turn. I gently hit the brakes, and they pumped, and pumped (on their own) and pumped, until I was 50 feet past the turn. Now these roads have nothing on them, no ice or snow. Just what appears to be damp pavement. I finally stopped moving after the 50 feet by pulling over into the ditch. So I figure, I will walk to the post box and put an out going letter in for tomorrow. I step out of the vehicle, both feet instantly go out from under me, and I am on my ass, in the middle of the south bound lane. I grab the door handle and slip and slide back into the truck. I make it home only because my road is gravel with snow and ice. Holy shit, I hit so hard, my teeth slammed together, and I have had a 3 hour headache from the impact. Tonight we are going to have a high wind chill factor -40. Holy Shit